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Teledyne Test Services valve-testing products are recognized as the technological standard for monitoring torque and thrust in critical safety-related systems within nuclear power plants.

About Us
Test Services offers valve-testing products for monitoring torque and thrust in safety-related systems within nuclear power plants. We also offer specialized data acquisition and data logging equipment to interface with these sensors.
Detecting, Measuring, Controlling
Our test service begins by developing a comprehensive understanding of the customer application. This knowledge is then translated into an innovative, cost-effective measurement design solution.

Our valve testing products are used in nuclear power plants to perform predictive maintenance and minimize downtime. Automotive manufacturers turn to our engine and driveshaft torque sensors to shorten their development cycle and bring new car designs more quickly to an increasingly competitive marketplace.

What We Do
- Sensors, data acquisition, and data logger systems for valve testing
- Automotive test sensors
- Torque wrench calibration equipment
- Torque sensors and load cells
- OEM strain gage services


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